MSG Mission To Cuba
It's 10:45 pm, our plane is making its final decent into Havana Cuba.  The
Lord had laid it on our hearts only a few weeks earlier that there was work
to be done in Cuba.  As the plane was landing and the street lights were
getting brighter I heard the chatter of Spanish and all English had fallen
away hours ago. The plane landed and we went into the airport and no
one was there to meet us from the hotel. Cindy, my wife and I ran down a
taxi and  finally got to our hotel around 2:30 in the morning. The next
morning as I was about to call Rob my contact from a local church, our
phone rings and  it was Rob my interpreter. Our brothers and sisters in
Christ picked us up and showed us the work they have been doing for the
Lord and we visited  several places of worship.
We went by and visited  a pastor and his family and ate supper with them.
I noticed the cement block walls at his church but the roof  had a tarp over
it with rough wood planks holding the tarp up, so i asked him about it
through my interpreter. He told me that he had been building his church
for 16 years with no outside help and when it rained the roof leaked real
I was invited to preach the next night. What a great experience that was.
The singing was wonderful and the Holy Spirit was present and the church
was packed.  Cindy and I had a great time in fellowship with our brothers
and sisters in Christ and visiting the churches.

If you would like to help to put a roof on this pastors church or find out
how you can help  with the Mission To Cuba,  contact me    
Church with  Canvas for a roof
Sunday Morning Service
Havana, Cuba
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12 Hours in Havana,Cuba and our brothers Van breaks down
and had to be pushed  up hill to a side road to be worked on
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Part of our team in
Cuba, our bus awaits
Brother Rob my
interpreter, A great
man of Faith
Cindy and the Vice
President of the Council
of Churches of Cuba
The big meeting with the Council of Churches
              in  Havana, Cuba
Visiting local
Churches in