Don and Cindy Palmer answers that question with a
smile on their face and  testimony on their lips. They
were first introduced to missions through friends and
later through mission trips. lt was through both of these
that God began to prepare their hearts for Belize. After
much prayer and a desire to serve God in any manner
that He would choose, they gave up their jobs and
Businesses in High Point, NC. They sold all of their
belongings and moved to Placencia. Placencia is a
small remote town along the southern coast of Belize. lt
is here that they would begin their Christian Ministry in
the Mayan villages. lt is here that churches would be
planted, Bible studies held and children taught the
Word of God.
Along the way, God has remained faithful through
many circumstances. The first being Hurricane lris in
2001 which was a category 5. lt was during this event
that they lost their home, 250 Bibles were ruined and
their church sustained structural damage. Don placed
Cindy on a plane to North Carolina and he began living
in his pick up truck. Bathing was a rare privilege. His
daily menu consisted of beanie weenies, crunchy
peanut butter and jelly along with water. Don felt
blessed. Everyone around him was searching for water
and food. However, leaving Belize was just not an
option for him. Don said,"These are my people. I've got
to do what I can for them. l've got to go to the villages
and let them know l'm still living and that I still care for
them. I just can't disappear off the face of the Earth". He
stayed for 6  additional weeks in Belize and later Cindy
joined him to rebuild their home and their ministry.
The Palmer's have witnessed God's hand in their
ministry time and again. Whether it is through lives
being changed, an unexpected church planted or a
devastating hurricane, God has renewed their vision
and provided graciously. Don and Cindy believe God
would have their Christian Ministry serve the people of
southern Belize. The Christian radio station will enable
us to reach out to the majority of people in the region.
As the Christian ministry continues to grow there are
more needs of financial support, prayer support, Bibles,
work teams and pastoral training.
is a 501c-3 Ministry
Our House before Hurricane Iris
Our House the day after the Hurricane
How Did The Work Begin?
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