This year we have traveled to the southern border villages a lot to
minister. This normally requires an over night stay,because of the
distance, and the rough roads. This past summer, we had such a
trip planned, and we had a visitor from the U.S. along on this over
night road trip. As we drove through a Mayan Village, several hours
from our home in Belize. We saw a woman and several children on
the side of the road waving us down, to stop,  lt turned out to be
the wife of our Mayan friend Martin, who works for us and his
children. We had left our house around 6:30 that morning, for about
a six hour trip to the Belize / Guatemala border. Martin's wife knew
we would come through her village, because Martin had gone
ahead of us the day before, by bus. He was waiting at the border
to be our interpreter on this trip. She and the children, had
received an over night visitor, while Martin was away. The visitor
had traveled from another, village near the border to see Martin,  
because he had heard that Martin worked for missionaries. He
wanted to talk to Martin about meeting the missionaries and asking
them to come to his village of Otoxha. He stayed the night, at
Martin's home, once he realized, the missionaries would come
through the next morning. He had waited in hopes, he would be
able to speak to us. They had all been waiting on the side of the
road since sunrise, because Martin's wife knew it would be very
early when we drove through heir village, on our way to the Belize
Border. Brother Thomas Act, was there on the side of the road with
them, waiting to be introduced to us. He told us, he lived in a very
remote village, and had no missionary support.  He had heard,
about our ministry, and how, we had a heart for the Belize people.
He had been a Christian, for twenty years, and had felt a call from
God eight years after asking Jesus into his heart. During the past
twelve years, he had managed to put up a small wooden church,
that was now beginning to riot, and was eaten with termites. His
village does not have electricity, and he had only lantern for light
during his services. He had been seeking God's direction, on how
to gain missionary support. He needed to be uplifted and
encouraged. He felt alone at times, and had asked God to help
him, lead his church according to God's will. He heard about Martin
Teck, and how Martin was working for missionaries, building
concrete churches. He said, when he found out, the missionaries
would come right by, the next morning, he received conformation  
that God had directed him, so he went to Martin's house that night.
Brother Act, sat in our car, for about an hour and talked, until we
reminded him, we had to continue on our journey, to the village
still several hours away, who was expecting us. He asked, if he
could ride to the fork in the road, that led to his village. He rode
with us for about an hour down the road, and continued to share
with us, how his church needed support and encouragement.
These border villages are so far out, it is very difficult to minister to
them, most people never travel there. Brother Act believed what he
heard, about this mission, and he wanted to be a part of our
ministry. He was asking for nothing, only for us to come and see
his village, and ask God to direct us in what we should do. We let
Brother Act out at the fork of the road, and made plans to come
back and visit with him in two weeks. Two weeks later, we began
our long journey again to the border. Brother Act was to meet us at
where the road forks again, and take us to, Otoxha Village.
That morning, two weeks later not knowing if he would remember,
or if he would be there at the appointed time, as we drove up to the
fork of the road, and there stood Brother Thomas Act. He had not
forgotten and he was waiting for us. We drove, on the rough dirt
road to his village, what seamed like hours. lt was so far back in
the bush, we would have never found it without his assistance.
Otoxha is just one village away from the Guatemala border. When
we arrived that day around lunch time, his family and church
congregation was waiting for us. They talked about several
concerns and needs, but most of all they talked about how God
has always been there for them. They have no one to turn to, or
depend on. God is their source. Thomas Act is a farmer, who
grows rice. His rice crop had failed that summer, and his family
was short on food and supplies. He never asked us for anything for
himself, or his family. He was depending on God to supply their
needs. That day, we had taken medicines, Iice shampoo and bibles
to Otoxha with us. Brother Act, was excited to receive the bibles
and also the Pastors training course he is now taking. Since that
first visit, we have taken the church in Otoxha Village a generator to
use for night church services. Thomas Act, says he is gaining new
church members, because the people see that God is alive, and
HE will bring life and light to their people. He very much desires to
have revival in his church, and would like for us to make plans to
bring an evangelist teem to his village. He now, calls our house
collect, from a village pay phone he walks to, just to hear words of
He says he needs to know, he is not alone and that he has
missionaries who are praying for him, and missionaries who
will come to visit. He now has an independant spirit filled church.
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