'Let me introduce you to a true man of God'
Pastor Angel Luis. He lives on the outskirts of Havana in
the area of Mulgoba Bolleros La Habana, Cuba. He has
been a Pastor for over 19 years. Over the past 16 years
he has been building his church,financing it through his
ability to do woodworking for his local neighbors. Making
only a few cents per job this humble man has his cement
block walls up and is holding church service daily. He has
wood slats across his roof with canvas pulled over it to
keep the rain out as much as possible. From these humble
beginnings he is leading the lost to Christ and has planted
6 home churches in nearby areas.
Now he has an urgent need: A Concrete Roof for his
church. Now is when we as Christians can plant seeds of
hope in a place that truly Shines in the darkness.
Will you partner with us to get this roof on this
established church in Cuba. Email me lets talk about
Pastor Angel Luis with his wife Neris, his
        two children, Ester and Naomi.
Pastor Angel Luis's church thats needing a concrete roof
Sunday Morning Service
One of the many Night
Services teaching the  
Children having fun learning about Christ Jesus
Jesus said "Go into All the world and preach the
Gospel to every creature" Partner with us and help
others to come to know Christ in Cuba. Togeather we
can make a difference, one Soul at a time. Your Gift
is Tax Deductible. We are a 501c-3 ministry
Mark your check for the Cuba Project
Make your check payable to
Ministries of the Son of God
1606 Laurel Lane
High Point,N.C. 27262
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