As Pastor Ambrosio was riding
on a transport bus to
Independence last week, he over
heard the two ladies seated
behind him having a
conversation. The two ladies did
not know Pastor Arturo. One
lady was telling the other lady
how her husband has changed
over the past few months. She
said, he had been listening to the
Christian Radio Station in Seine
Bight. She went on to say how
much they both enjoyed the
programs and music. Her
husband was a drunkard and beat
her before. Because of the
Christian Station he stopped
drinking and accepted Jesus into
his heart. The wife was so
happy and told the other lady
now he goes to church with her
and is a different man. When the
bus stopped and everyone got
off, Pastor Arturo went to the
lady who had been talking and
introduced himself. He told her
he could not help but over hear
what she had said. The lady
immediately knew his
voice from the radio and said Oh
goodness!! My husband loves
your preaching on that station.
Pastor Aurto said, 'yes I am
Pastor Aurto with 105.3fm.
He told her how pleased he was
to hear about her husband. She
thanked him for the work he
does for The Lord and told him
she will keep her radio tuned to
"The Message".
Pastor Aurto was so thrilled
and felt so uplifted by what the
lady had told him. Afterward he
went into the bank in
Independence Village to take
care of his business. At the bank
counter, he could hear "The
Message" 105.3Fm somewhere in
bank playing low. He asked the
bank teller, and she said, "oh
yes, that is my station. I listen at
home and we always have it on
here at the bank". She said
everyone in Independence loves
that station. Then she looked at
the name on the check Aurto
was cashing and said, "Oh you
are Pastor Aurto! Once
again he was so proud and
uplifted by what she had to say.
Christian Radio allows us to go into someones home and
minister in a way that was never possible before. Some might
not ever know the truth with out Christian Radio. Perhaps they
work on their farm raising food for their families,or they don't
live close to a church,or they just don't feel comfortable  being
in a church. What ever the reason we are reaching the lost for
Christ Jesus.
I personally know of a family that lived on the outskirts of the
jungle, no power no water except in a nearby stream. However
our signal was reaching them  and ministering  to them. How
you might ask, through solar powered radios that we have
given away in Belize. They are tuned to only our station and
they are solar powered.
One night I had the privilege to visit with this family. As i went
up the cranky steps that squeaked so loudly I thought they were
going to fall. The door was open and as I entered  this small
shack there was one room dimly lit with a single candle and the
family of 7 formed a circle  around the plank table where the
candle set. In the middle of this table and in the darkness of the
jungle night there was a ray of hope. A solar powered radio
leading the lost to Christ and setting the captives free.  Have
you ever wanted to make a difference in someones life? Now
you can help to change the world, one soul at a time through
Christian Radio. Join with us  to make a difference. Email us and
get involved in MSG105.3FM THE MESSAGE, A ray of  hope for
the lost
January, 2011
Personal Radio Testimony
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