Santa Cruz Church, The Pastor
Pastor Marcus Shal
Pastor of Santa Cruz Church
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We first met Marcos Shal a few weeks after we came to Belize.  A small
quiet man, with 4 children, at that time.  His children always came to our
bible studies under the thatch roof to sing songs & learn bible stories.
Anna his wife is just as quiet as Marcos and they both always stood on
the outside of our children's bible study, under a palm tree listening to
what we taught.  Efforts to talk with them over the years failed.  The
conversation was always the same. Thank you for allowing your children
to come study with us, and the reply would be "yes brother" or "yes
sister".  No matter how we tried to lead the conversation each time, that
was it.
In those early years, we taught the Mayan children, but it took years to
gain the trust of their parents.  Even after we built the first real church
building in Santa Rosa.
Several years had gone by, when one day Pastor Arturo Chal the pastor
of Santa Rosa Church, told us Marcos Shal wanted to have a meeting
with Rev. Don my husband.  He went of course, and was very surprised at
what Marcos had to say. This was in 2005. Marcos felt called to be a
Pastor.  He wanted to know more about our training courses & what he
needed to do to work with us.  At this time our ministry had just obtained
property in the village of Santa Cruz to build a church. We had been
praying for a Pastor for that village.  As we all know "all things work
together for those that are called, according to his purpose."
In talking with Marcos, there was only one major problem with him training
to be a Pastor.  HE COULD NOT READ!  Marcos had to stop school in
third grade, to work with his father to help grow crops & support the family.
We all prayed for weeks.  We had considered trying to send him back to
school to learn to read, or maybe even a private tutor if we could find
He wasn't able to read any of our training material. However, as weeks
went by and we came to know Marcos better, we noticed he couldn't read
a bit of the material we gave him.....but he could read scriptures from the
bible. Yes, we were completely amazed that he could read the bible.  But,
if he tried to read something else, he didn't know the words!
Marcos said, " yes brother I read & understand the bible very well".
We discovered through Pastor Marcos Shal, "If God be for us who can
be against us?" Marcos had the best tutor possible...THE HOLY SPIRIT!
Who are we to say he can't be a Servant of God and Pastor a church.
The money was raised to build Santa Cruz Church and Marco Shal is a
strong spirit filled Pastor of that church, since 2007. "God's ways are not
our ways " and HE is always in control of HIS TRUE SERVANTS.
Marcos now has eight children and one of his oldest boys Angel, now
teaches the children in Santa Cruz Village and plans on becoming a
teacher. As for Marcos, hes a Mayan  teaching and preaching in a
Spanish village  and is the pastor of the Spanish church in Santa Cruz.
This is Pastor Marcus Shal

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